News from the Engels plant "Signal"

Опубликовано:  12.01.2016 - 11:03

A worker woman from the Engels plant "Signal" got under reduction staff, she was forced to resign "voluntarily". She reports:

"On the wage arrears – no, it always paid on time. Regarding the reduction of staff. Here it is necessary to bear in mind an important point – since September of last year, the factory works on loan for the payment of salaries to the employees. A very small number of orders and too large percentage of defective products, sooner or later would have given an effect – but in the end this happened. Therefore, in order to save money, they decided to reduce the staff who are retired and those who have worked not only here, or for several departments, or by subsidiaries of the plant. This is the official information.

Not officially have been dismissed more people, but "on their own".

"If with percentage, about 40%," – said the employee (officially - no more than 15%).

"With regard to the short work week – it also is true. People work for 3 days only. This is also to save salary. But few people will leave the plant, especially from the working class – currently not working anywhere, especially in the factories. Therefore, people remain and still work.

"2 years ago, there was a case: a young man from the workshop had written complaint about technical documentation that it does not meet the realities of our time – he was fired ... I don’t think that someone is hungry to repeat his fate."


Red TV, Saratov region

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