Railway workers and the bourgeoisie: parted ways...

Опубликовано:  30.05.2017 - 00:05

Watching intensely the performances of truckers and taxi drivers, we asked ourselves the question: how can the point of disagreement between the «Russian Railways» employees and the management look like? 29.05.2017 IA «Vzglyad-Info» informs about the letter received from the initiative group of employees of the «Privolzhskaya Railway». In particular, the publication provides the following quote from the letter:

«Parents of pupils of Boarding School № 6 of the JSC «Russian Railways» got information that our school will be closed and our children are literally driven out into the street. We are not transferred to another school, we are recommended to look for the most suitable educational institution.

At this school children of railwaymen who have traveling nature of work study. An ordinary school does not suit them. The «Russian Railways» just throws our school off balance. The teachers told us that they were also put on the «street». We intend to appeal to the president of the «Russian Railways» Oleg Belozerov and the head of the «Privolzhskaya Railway», Sergei Almeyev, with a request to stop the process of liquidating our school».

Also IA «Vzglyad-Info» informs about the letter available to the editorial office signed by Dmitry Shahanov, the vice-president of the «Russian Railways», to the heads of railways. The publication provides the following quotation from the document:

«The Board of Directors of the JSC «Russian Railways» prepared a draft Concept for the reform of the system of preschool and general education of the JSC «Russian Railways» for 2017-2020 (hereinafter this is the draft Concept). The Draft Concept envisages the reorganization of 118 general education institutions and the liquidation of 4 branches of boarding schools in 2018-2019».

At the school meeting where management planned to notify parents and teachers about the possible closure of the institution, journalists were not allowed.

In the Saratov boarding school, opened in 1959, today 427 children study; a complex of buildings is located on Klochkov Street, Oktyabrsky district.

All this occurs against the backdrop of a series of events related to the Saratov region, including at the cost of incredible tension of administrative resources (we have in mind the superior’s directives to employees with the callback requirements), a record for Russia turnout of 15% in the «United Russia’s» primaries, which was accompanied by insane expenditure of money on the arrangement of polling stations and souvenirs for those who came. And also among them, the removal from the position of the  CPRF vice-chairman Valery Rashkin, the former secretary of the Saratov regional committee of the CPRF (according to rumors this was due to the discrepancy between the tactics of the Moscow City Committee of the CPRF and the tactics of the CPRF Central Committee). It seems that the crisis of capitalism in the country passed another rubicon.

We will continue to follow developments.


Red TV, Saratov region


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