The messages from the Saratov plants

Опубликовано:  21.12.2016 - 23:49

The answers from the workers of the Saratov plants to the questions of the RTV correspondent:

The working participant in the strike at the plant RMC:

«If the reduced people have not been paid for 4 months and if they say that there are very little work, I can say one thing only that it was that work stopped and there was practically nothing to do, but it was just 2-3 weeks maximum, taking into account the strike, and only our shop went on the strike and everyone else just parodied it. I can say that the debt in my workshop is 1-2 months. And we get paid from issued production, and if possible they try to partially repay the debts to the workers. And about the other shops, and even more about the dismissed people, I can not say anything. The work remains to February maximum but what will be in the new year, nobody knows. Yes, and I'm not on the protection of the plant, don’t think so. I just described as I know.

We went on srike without any statement, since there was nothing to lose. And according the statement, we were only 4 days, just to attract the attention of the heads to the workers and to gather the general meeting, to tell us everything, and not kept in ignorance. Only a handful of us were with the statement 1-2 months, as it was where to earn. We were coming to work and were sitting, and if someone from the management were coming to us, we said that as long as you do not give us a salary we will not not get to work. And then, after the general meeting, when we have found out everything and agreed that partial payments must start coming in, we began to work».

The worker from the Saratovvodocanal:

«Yes, the staff cuts were so many! And they are still cutting! Delays in payments are weeks maximum


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