Crisis of capitalism in Saratov region: a new wave

Опубликовано:  14.12.2016 - 22:31

An anonymous source told the Red TV that the Tank Metal Structures plant in the Leninsky district of Saratov started bankruptcy proceedings, there were strike of workers and engineers earlier, but due to recent events it is no longer possible, 150 people have been reduced.

The Red TV correspondent interviewed the factory workers.

The factory worker: «Since I left already a few days have passed. November 1 was the cuts. The salaries are not issued, personally I wait the debts for 4 months, and it is about 80 thousand. There were not strikes as such, just there had already been very little work, well, some people refused to do something. When there was a lot of work, we were working 12 hours a day, and now for several months for 7 hours, and then «do not hit a lying», as we say. The crane operators were transferred for 2/3 of salary. That is, some of the houses already sit at 2/3 and go to work as it need».

The employee of the plant on maternity leave: «What about the strikes I don’t know and I have not heard about it. I can only say that the last time in late November allowance for July have come».

The factory worker: «I resigned a week ago. I wait the salary for 4 months. There were the strikes, the workers have written the notice: «We suspend employment due to non-payment of salaries of more than 15 days». (The same scheme that it was at the plant ASC and at the Volgomost – the note of the Red TV) There was a regular meeting, they said us don’t wait for this year: work and enjoy. Milk for harm are not issued from July, they owed the salaries for August, October, November and early December. 2 weeks ago the bankruptcy procedure have began, the factory haven’t new orders, and the work of the plant will last until March 2017, I think. People almost gone: who were cut and who dismissed. I worked there on the crane. It was like on the avenue of Kirov in 2014, so much people. 2 the plots in the third workshop eliminated, they combined in 2 teams the workers who were not reduced. The Transneft will finish the order for the 2 twothousandthder, were talks, the roof on them, and then the plan probably will fall. The 1st and the 2nd the workshops has long ceased to work, they are dark and empty. The new material is not bought, the outside warehouse is almost empty. They wanted the areas of the workshops to rent out for painting and shot with trickle. The tenant kept their workers there for about a month, the details of it were repulsed with shot and painted, but then they turned all in a hurry, now and then they said that their bosses does not want to have any affairs with this plant. There was a rumor that the holder of the controlling stake was offered to sell the plant, but he balked, it is better for him to allow the plant to rot».

December 6, Deputy Minister of Employment, Labour and Migration Krivitskaya Natalia said: «So, as a result of the optimization, the «Saratovvodokanal» and the «Spetsavtohozyaystvo» freed up 374 and 201 employees, respectively. As a result of lower production volumes in the Balakovo plant of mechanical rubber goods were lost 206 employees, the Railcar Plant lost 190 employees. The Engels car repair factory and the 9th Central repair plant reduced 50 people due to lack of orders. It is expected that without a job will stay for 3 thousand until the end of the year. The situation to the beginning of 2017 should not change, any reorganizations of some fields is not expected».

The management of the Car Repair Factory in Engels owed to employees more than 11 mln. rub. In connection with the proposed visit of the bailiffs, 2 working days were turned in weekends. Part of the property was arrested earlier had disappeared somewhere. Media also reported about the debts on wages in «Promelectroncomplekt».

December 12, a group of paramedics from the city ambulance station in Saratov came in the editorial office of IA «Free News». They said that since November, their wages for unknown reasons has been reduced.

There are data on dissatisfaction of the teachers in one of the region schools.

Everything will change when we will see instead of separate streams a raging torrent.


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